Hurry up & Wait

Hurry Up

I believe that everyone has an artist in them, whether it be writing, acting, singing, or cooking. Being an artist is a beautiful thing.  As a actress, I know that it comes with its ups and downs as one must learn to love every aspect of the craft: the rejections, the auditions, the wins, rehearsals, classes, competition, self doubt, long hours, low pay, and even no pay! It’s all a part of the journey.

Some people are in a hurry to get the destination, but what happens prior to “getting there” is just as important. As an artist I know that I need to “pause” and simply enjoy the “ride” and every aspect of it . I acknowledge my true feelings which can make me uncomfortable in my own skin. However, sitting still and feeling what is necessary can make all the difference and make the down times a moment to appreciate life. It’s like turning off the air conditioning and smelling the air; allowing the breeze to press against your face. Embracing the air…so much, it causes you to gasp a little…feeling the breath of God. It’s like witnessing the colors of the scenery…the foliage, the wild flowers on the side of the road, or staring at the animals that live in the moment…the cows, the horses grazing in the grass without a care in the world…wondering do they even notice me? How do they feel?

I’ve learned to try to stay present and take notice of the trees, the windmills, the birds, cars and trucks that pass by.  I notice road signs that alert you of the next rest area and restaurants.  Find the eye of that truck driver and ask him/her to blow their horn.

Have you ever started to hum or sing songs with no music playing, or relive a moment or notice something that  puts you in a fit a laughter, with no one else around? Be present and enjoy the natural order of things while existing in a state of peace.  Think about the people you meet on your journey, like the lady at the toll booth who tells you to enjoy your day or the extremely polite gas attendant that takes a moment to share a story.  And let us not forget the little old lady in the restroom that compliments you on your dress.

There are other people that are noticed on this journey like the ones that believe in you, the ones that pour into you when you can’t pour into yourself.  And what about the ones that love you without any conditions. The ones that support you with no hidden agenda; the ones who lay in the cut…praying that you do succeed. Oh, and there are those that wait for your demise…I pray for them too.  I thank God for my journey; for I may not have noticed some of the things and some of the people I should have.  It’s a blessing to realize why you are put on this Earth and have the courage to pursue your dreams is beyond anything you’d ever imagined.  It is here that I rest; in the quiet of my mind, being present and allowing God to come forth.  Not just in me but within my family, friends and strangers. His heart lives in all of us.  I thank God for being ever present; it allows me to be anxious about nothing and to be prayerful about everything. It is why I chose to “hurry up and wait”.

Special Thanks to my wonderful Editor Andrea Wright.

Taking on set of Before I Do.
Taking on set of Before I Do.

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