Thea’s Mantra!

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I am fueled by the notion that it is highly unlikely. I am driven by the desires of my heart. I am trusting my instincts. I am one with the universe. I am a believer…I believe in “I AM”. I feel safe in knowing where my deepest passion lies. I am getting closer to my purpose. I can feel it!


5 thoughts on “Thea’s Mantra!

  1. Simply Awesome & definitely GOD-ordained! No happenstance, no coincidence, purely a divine moment in time Destined before the foundations of the earth. WOW…Stories such as this one truly validates Ones existence & confirms that you’re right where you’re suppose to be at this time. This is your moment, continue to declare it, seize it…cuz it’s yours! Get ready for Explosive Blessings! Eyes have not seen….M J


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