Behind the mask

Behind the mask


It’s funny what goes on behind the mask.   Behind the dressed up body. The pretty beat face.  The confidence that appears unshakeable.  The infectious smile and  jovial laughter.  The continuous trials and tribulations that are unknown to many but suspected by few.  How do you move through it?  If you get through it, what will happen next?  Do you share and become a burden?  Do you allow fear to cripple you? Do you allow the grips of uncertainties to weight you down? If  you do share it..who with?  Is it important to share it at all? What would they think?  Will you be condemned?   God will prevail.   These are the times…one must “Be Still” “Be Quiet” and “Listen” for the answers from God.  Trust God and the answers will come.  Believe God.  Get to know God. Seek God and you will hear the answers… because behind the mask is a child of God and a father knows his child…Mask and all!


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